I’d like to extend my personal thanks for the excellent work you have done for Joliet Station over the last six months. You have a great combination of technical and facilitation skills that make the JSA process especially effective and valuable for us in strengthening the safety culture and minimizing safety hazards associated with the process we have examined.
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Midwest Generation

Sheffield Safety interaction with our supervision and employees through the training and audit process has greatly enhanced our overall safety program and produced positive safety results for our company.
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F. H. Paschen / S.N. Nielsen

Promptly, Sheffield provided us with two capable individuals for this long-term assignment. The person we selected mobilized quickly and rapidly established a quality working relationship with both the owner and the contractors operating under the OCIP. Your person was very dedicated and adjusted their work schedule so this project had coverage during critical weekend tasks.
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Willis of Pennsylvania Inc.

For the past several years, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with you on a variety safety projects. It has been gratifying to see Sheffield Safety & Loss Control turn into one of the finest field safety resources. You have provided valuable on-site safety for our OCIP programs as well as our individual clients.
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Thilman Filippini an HRH Company