For the past several years, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with you on a variety safety projects. It has been gratifying to see Sheffield Safety & Loss Control turn into one of the finest field safety resources. You have provided valuable on-site safety for our OCIP programs as well as our individual clients.

Other safety service companies are satisfied with performing an audit for a fee model. Too often these are experienced as ‘drive-by’ safety visits with little long term effect. However, your team is closely involved with the field leadership of the client company, building a culture of safety year to year from the bottom up.

Your focus has been to work safety solutions into the field before they turn into unwanted outcomes. For those businesses that have made this investment, many are seeing major returns in lower experience modification calculations. This assists them in pre-qualifying for new projects. And when the Insurance markets ‘harden’, these low experience mods will be priceless.

I look forward to future projects! Keep up the excellent work.

Robert Schneider

Thilman Filippini an HRH Company