Many companies require that personnel on each shift are 100% dedicated to performing safety supervision in order to properly facilitate, document, and maintain a high quality & safe facility.

Sheffield Safety provides highly qualified, trained, and experienced Site Safety managers for your location. Our On-Site Safety Managers are there to assist your Supervisors and facilitate a safe and successful operation.

Our On-Site Safety Managers document and promote safety, manage Safe Work Permits, perform and document Safety Meetings each shift, perform and document safety observations throughout each shift, perform Standard First Aid, CPR, and AED services when required, investigate and document all incidents, attend required Safety Meetings, perform and manage On-Site Drug Screening, provide required Safety Training, liaison with the facility/owner Safety Department, and allow your company's personnel to concentrate on the project at hand.

Our On-Site Safety Mangers have experience in a wide variety of companies including Industrial Contractors, Power-Generating Facilities, Steel Mills, Paper Mills, Chemical Plants, Cement Plants, Manufacturing Facilities, Testing Laboratories, and Shipyards.